Leather Cloak

    The history of cloaks dates back to the time when man needed an outer garment to keep themselves warm. Originally they were made out of a circular piece of cloth with a hole in the middle for the head to go through and were generally floor length. Cloaks were not only worn as an outer garment but also served as a blanket or bed covering. This custom was practiced by the Roman, the Arabs and as far a field as the Scots.

    Not until much later, during the Renaissance Period, did cloaks become more tailored and fitted around the shoulders. This allowed for more freedom of movement, whillst keeping the garment in place.

    Our cloaks are fitted and created out of 2 full cow hides. The seams and accents are punched and laced together by hand.With proper care, the quality of our workmanship is designed to make our cloaks last our customers a lifetime When not worn this garment should be hung or folded and kept in a cool dry place. If exposed to rain, when dry, moisturize with a leather conditioner. If cloak is suede use a suede brush when garment has dried.

Dimensions: Hem Circumference 136"

Between $1200.00 and $1350.00
depending on your size
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Top Grain is the smooth side of the leather. Suede is the velvety, brushed side of the leather.

Exotic prints is leather that is made to look like Alligator or Ostrich.